The detail methods of paving mosaic on the walls

Carefully check the box whether is enough to finish the work, check the item, color, whether is right for the pattern, check whether has number and other information on the box. We recommended using the international brands adhesives, sealant, jagged gray

shovel, sponges and other tools to pave the mosaic by mason.

Wipe out the wall and it must be base on the foundation and have the same color. (Confirmation method: leaning against the mosaic wall with the ground to see whether angle has).That’s very important.

Draw the line on the wall to record the exact location of each set mosaic. Then put three sets mosaics on the ground, makes the each set mosaic between the gray has the same seam. Measure the width, and use a ruler and the level meter to mark the vertical and horizontal dimensions to draw a large square on the wall. Then a large square divided into nine small squares, each small square put one set mosaic.

According to the proportion use the mixed adhesive to coat the wall, but can not be over the area of nine small squares. Use a spatula which has smooth edge and wiping out a layer zigzag stripes (zigzag stripes is helpful the mosaic paving). Now, you can prepare to stick the mosaics.

At the back of the mosaic is network, so it can be directly pave on the wall with the adhesive. Please note that the gap between each set mosaic must to suit the marks which we draw the lines before.

please pat the surface of mosaic by a board, so make
them firmly attached to the wall.

After each sets mosaic finished fixed on the wall, then fill sealant material in the seam, and confirm the gap between the mosaic must be the same width. This is the most patience process of mosaic paving.
Please attention the extent of sealant wet and dry. Too wet or dry make the mosaic easily to fall. Use a small gray shovel, taking a little amount of the mixed sealant each time, and then spread on the mosaic surface, the small gray shovel must be moved well mixed.
Began to clean the mosaic surface and keep the sealant to wet. Prepare two buckets, one in detergent, the other in water. First in detergent bucket soaked the cloth, do not wring dry,and then wipe it by circular manner on mosaic surface. Then in the clean water bucket soaked the sponge, using the sponge clean the mosaic surface.